Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tay Update

Tay was cleared earlier in May  to trial at BOTC AKC trial.  I picked that one because it would be just 2-3 runs a day.  Tay struggled with the weaves all weekend and I realized I had rehabbed her on 24" spaced weave poles and they had narrower ones at the trial.  Once I realized that I stopped worrying about her weaves.  I made sure to have someone watch her run or video it so I could be sure that she didn't hurt herself or appear sore in any run.  She ran fast and she ran well.  There were glitches but we are rusty as a team.  Most of our rehab at the end was done working on individual obstacle performance and short sequences. 

Well I was at a seminar with Stacy this morning and our first run involved a lot of tight turns.  I asked folks to watch her to be sure she ran well.  She ran great!  I was pleased with how well she did.  I did our usual warm-up and lengthy cool down.  I put her away and then about 40 minutes later brought her out again and she was limping.  It was noticeable to everyone there.  I walked her around and around and she got better.  I ran her on a shorter version of the sequence and cooled her down for awhile.  I put her away.  Lin Gelbmann came by and I asked her about it.  Tay was again limping when I got her out and Lin palpated her bicep tendon and she was sore again.  Lin thinks she is almost as sore as she was last January. 

I'm so disappointed.  I was hoping to be able to run her this summer and to focus on her more.  So now I need to start over with the rehab.  I now have a large wading pool which I will be able to incorporate into her rehab which may help.  It is not clear whether I will be able to get her strong enough to do agility again for an extended period.  Lin thinks she is stronger than she was last January.  Lin thinks she is injuring it by planting that foot and turning. 

Stay tuned to see how things go from here.  It looks like I won't be trialing much at all this summer. 

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