Sunday, July 25, 2010

Puppies, puppies, puppies

If you want to know what I've been up to the last 5 weeks go to my other blog on Sinco's puppies! It is at

I am having a blast playing, observing, feeding, teaching and yes cleaning nine beautiful puppies!  It is a great learning experience for me.  I have had some great help from some very experienced mentors as well as being able to apply things I've read and researched.  These puppies are so athletic and have been so from the very start.  They are strong, agile, quick and bold!

Right now they are enjoying wobbling on an upside metal garbage can lid.  There is a webcam too that is on most days when they are home.  Now they travel to the school 2-3 days a week where they have yet another enriched environment with lots of visitors.  I can't believe how many people have played with them already and from many different ethnic backgrounds and ages.  I just hope to keep it up for the next four to five weeks!

I have been influenced by Myra Fourwinds, Suzanne Clothier, Ian Dunbar and many others in this whole adventure.  I also know that this is something that is very fun and rewarding but something I can do once every four years or so.  However at the same time now that I'm doing this I don't know that I would want to get a puppy anywhere else but raising it myself.  There is something very special about knowing everything about what these puppies have done and experienced and knowing how much is hard wired from day one and what can be changed and molded.  It is also hard work keeping the potential puppy owners up to date with things and letting them see what is happening to them.  I want them to know as much as possible about the puppies before they get them because that is what I would like to know before getting a puppy.  I try to put myself in their shoes. 

Now I am off to try to make some more puppy obstacles for the outdoor play pen.