Sunday, April 4, 2010

Teacup Trial

We had a fun weekend hosting our first Teacup Agility Trial in our new building!  It was a lot of fun!  Rachelle was a great judge with fun and challenging courses.  Everyone pitched in and helped and we had a wonderful worker raffle organized by Chris Mosley.  We had several vendors here on Saturday and a couple on Sunday.  The food went over well both days having soup on Saturday and ham and turkey on Sunday. 

As of this writing there were three TACHs!  Chris and Winn earned their TACH, Dennis and Daisy earned their TACH and Kelly and Sired earned their TACH2.  Wow!

Windy and Spring made their Teacup debuts and handled the tight little courses amazingly well.  They are both much more adaptable to running collected than we ever imagined.  I wasn't able to run Feisty much because her back is sore. 

We had a great turnout with the most runs entered we've ever had and we had a number of entries brand new to TDAA and a few brand new to agility trials.  Everyone had a great time and it is such a relaxed setting.  We are going to look at our calendar and see when we can have some more of these here!